Pinguicula heterophylla

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Pinguicula heterophylla is a perennial heterophyllous species that produces glandular carnivorous leaves during summer and a subterranean bulb during winter. Pinguicula heterophylla can be found in three states in México (Oaxaca, Guerrero and Michoacán) in mountainous areas where it experience a temperate climate. The epithet, heterophylla, derived from the Greek heteros (other, different) and the Greek phyllon (leaf). This particular species is from Concepción Pápalo, Oaxaca, México.

Carnivorous Plant Butterworts- The plants on the pictures are representative, you will get a similar plant. [Plants are not flowering at the moment]

The plants are shipped bare root in a plastic container for protection. We ship the plants on Monday and Wednesday to avoid the weekend cut off.

These plants are between 1-2" when they are in their carnivorous phase, please note that they might be shipped in their succulent phase as bulbs too.


It is strongly recommended to get a heating pack during the winter to protect your plant from low temperatures, we are not responsible for dead plants that did not have a heating pack during transit. 1 heating pack per order is enough.

Plant size Between 0.3 to 2" (depending on their current phase)
Light A sunny windowsill, T5, or LED lights
Potting medium Mexican Pinguicula mix
Feeding Fish food or bugs every 3-4 weeks
Water Keep soil moist
Humidity 50-80%
Temperature 55-85°F
Mature plant size 2-3" (Depending on care)
Dormancy None, nevertheless, plant may go into a succulent state during Winter (depending on temperatures).

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