Oyster shell and limestone (calcium)

Size: 4 oz deli container
Sale price$3.99


Oyster shell and limestone is recommended for some Pinguicula to thrive, we have seen that some plants do better when some calcium is added. We recommend that you mix this calcium with your preferred media for best results. Some of the plants that can benefit from adding calcium are: P. zamudioana, gigantea red, moctezumae, elizabethiae, gigantea, gypsicola, colimensis, cyclosecta, and numerous other. Make sure that you do NOT put them in the same tray with other plants to avoid calcium contamination.

Please select the quantity below, we currently have 2 options:

a) 4 oz deli container with oyster shell and limestone, enough for 1 plant.

b) 1 lb bag if you need more calcium for a few plants.

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