Mystery bundle of 10 SMALL Pinguicula

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Pinguicula means "little greasy one" in Latin. They are commonly called butterworts or "pings" by some growers. They grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere, but a vast majority is concentrated in México, with some species located in South America.

Pinguicula's leaves are coated in microscopic glandular hair that secrete sticky mucilage. These glands have the ability to capture sunlight, giving the leaves a glittering, shinning appearance that may attract insects. Most of Pinguicula's victims are small gnats, fruit-flies, or springtails. As soon as butterworts catch their prey, their sessile glands start to release digestive enzymes to dissolve their victims, then the sessile glands reabsorb this fluid rich in nutrients.


You'll get 10 randomly selected SMALL butterworts. This is a perfect gift or to start your very own Pinguicula collection.

Please read: In this pack, you'll get 10 mystery SMALL butterworts (This bundle does NOT allow you to select your own plants, all plants will be randomly selected, no exceptions). Butterworts are about 0.5 in diameter, these are small sets, please read before ordering. If you desire an adult/mature Pinguicula, please buy the plants individually.

Carnivorous Plant Butterworts- The plants in the pictures are representative only. You will also get plants that are probably not in the pictures. [Plants are not flowering at the moment]

The plants are shipped bare root in a plastic container to protect the plants. We ship the plants on Monday and Wednesday to avoid the weekend cutoff.

These plants are about 0.4-0.6, depending on the Pinguicula.


It is strongly recommended to get a heating pack during the winter to protect your plant from low temperatures, we are not responsible for dead plants that did not have a heating pack during transit. 1 heating pack per order is enough.

Plant size About 0.5 in diameter
Light A sunny windowsill, T5, or LED lights
Potting medium Mexican Pinguicula soil mix
Feeding Fish food or bugs every 3-4 weeks
Water Keep soil moist
Humidity 50-80% with airflow
Temperature 55-85°F
Mature plant size 2-3" (Depending on care/plant)
Dormancy None, nevertheless, plant may go into a succulent state during Winter (depending on temperatures).

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