Drosera variegata {Tra Tra Mountains, South Africa}

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Drosera variegata is a winter growing sundew from South Africa. This sundew is in the cistiflora complex and usually produces three types of leaves. The rosette has semi-erect and flat-lying leaves and the stem produces long and thin ones. The flower on Drosera variegata is relatively large and can be white or pink with a dark center. Drosera variegata is very similar to Drosera cistiflora. However, D. variegata tends to be shorter with only two to four leaves on the stem, while D. cistiflora is prone to having more leaves on the erect stem. After flowering, the plant pulls back to a rootstock and wait until next winter to emerge.

Please read: You'll get 1 potted plant that is about 0.75" in diameter. Please note that you will NOT get the exact same plant in the picture, please read before buying. Plants have not flower yet, we will update the flower color once available.

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