Drosera oblanceolata

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Drosera oblanceolata, also called Sundet Peak Sundew, is a tropical sundew native to Hong Kong. (shipped potted)

We are growing our plants in a greenhouse during the day temps 75~80F, night temps of 50-70F, with high humidity around 80-90% very easy growing plant, try to provide similar condition.

Shipped first class Mail, comes with care instructions.

Plant size About 1" in diameter
Light Partial/full sun
Potting medium Peat moss & perlite
Feeding Fish food or bugs every 3-4 weeks
Water Use the tray method
Humidity 50-80% with airflow
Temperature 50-85°F
Mature plant size 2 to 3.5" (Depending on care)
Dormancy None

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