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Drosera hookeri is a perennial erect tuberous sundew native to east and south-east Australia.


PLEASE READ: You'll get 1 potted Drosera hookeri (tubers are starting to emerge, so you may receive a small plant).


 Water Start adding water in colder months (around September) and keep it sitting in water until it gets brown then reduce water and let it dry. Add small amounts of water during summer and repeat the process. Use distilled, R/O, or rain water only.
Sun This plant likes a lot of sun, so try to give it as much as possible.
Dormancy Dormancy gets trigger by warmer months, this is usually in spring and plant comes back around fall, so do NOT throw your plant away, it is just in dormancy.
Media Peat moss and sand.
Temperature Temperatures above 78° can trigger dormancy, keep them cool with lots of light.


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