Drosera capensis broadleaf

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You'll get a drosera capensis similar to the ones in the pictures above. These capensis are perfect for catching small insect such as gnats, fruit flies, and similar size insects. They require very little care. Care instructions are provided in your order.


It is strongly recommended to get a heating pack during the winter to protect your plant from low temperatures, we are not responsible for dead plants that did not have a heating pack during transit. [1 heating pack per order is more than enough to protect your plants]


Drosera capensis
Plant size Between 2 to 3" 
Light Full sun
Potting medium Peat moss & perlite
Feeding Fish food or bugs every 3-4 weeks
Water Use the tray method
Humidity 50-80% with airflow
Temperature 50-90°F
Mature plant size 4-6" (Depending on care)
Dormancy None

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