Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) "King Henry"

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Venus flytraps have inner walls that are covered in nectar to attract insects. The trap has trichomes in the middle, which trigger its closing mechanism. For this mechanism to work, the insect has to touch one trichome multiple times or two different spikes within a few seconds in order to close the trap. The edges of the plant have cilia (hair like), which interlock when the trap closes, making it difficult or impossible for the prey to escape. Once the trap is close, the enzymes will break and digest the prey, leaving only the exoskeleton of its victim. This process can take up to ten days.

Please note that some plants are greener than others and that Venus flytraps are dormant during winter (Oct-Feb/Mar). So, if we ship during this time, they will be smaller but will come back stronger and bigger in spring/summer.

Dionaea muscipula Venus Fly Trap "King Henry" was created by Don Elkins and is one of the biggest Venus flytrap I've seen. It's vibrant green with red traps make a beautiful contrast, but the real gem is the size they get when fully mature. Don definitely did an awesome job when he made this Venus flytrap.

You'll get a SIMILAR plant to the one in the pictures (not the same plant).

Shipped with First class mail. Plants are shipped in a 2.5" pot, they are young plants [about 2-3" across]. Comes with care instructions.

Dionaea muscipula 
Plant size Between 2-3" in diameter
Light Full sun
Potting medium Peat & perlite or pure peat
Feeding Fish food or bugs every 3-4 weeks
Water Use the tray method
Humidity 50-85%
Temperature 65-80°F during Spring and Summer and 35-55°F in colder months
Mature plant size Depends on plant's care
Dormancy During winter (colder months). Please provide less water during this period.

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