Cephalotus follicularis "Charles Brewer's" clone WCB (1C-16C)

Plant #: WCB-1C
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Cephalotus follicularis/ Charles Brewer's clone

Plant will be shipped Potted in a 2.5" pot.

You will get exact plant that is one the picture.

This clone it's original from Charles Brewer is one of my favorite, it turns very red/dark under strong lights.

This amazing plat has been growing under LED lights with moderate conditions around 12 hour of light at about 78° Fahrenheit during the day and 60° at night.

Humidity around 60-70% Please try to give similar growing conditions at least a few weeks until the plant acclimate to the new environment.

Please read important message below:


Let the plant acclimate first before trying to attempt this move and try not to disturb its root system, otherwise the plant will suffer a set back.

Please note that Cephalotus change color, from green/yellowish/red or black (when they are exposed to strong lights), depending on the plant you select and it is common to loose leaves and pitchers when new ones are emerging.

Cephalotus follicularis  
Plant size Between 1-2" in diameter with juvenile pitchers and/or leaves.  
Light Full sun, partial, T5, or full spectrum LED lights.
Potting medium Long fiber sphagnum moss or your preferred medium.
Feeding Fish food or bugs every 2-3 weeks, you can also do foliar feeding every 2 weeks with Maxsea.
Water Keep damp, avoid overwatering. Use only low mineral and salts water such as distilled, rain, or R. O. water. 
Humidity 50-80%
Temperature 45-85°F 
Mature plant size Depends on plant 
Dormancy It slows growth during winter, depending on climate conditions. 

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