Carnivorous plants starter pack of Droseras [Bare-root]

Please see item detail for option breakdown: Bare-root + soil
Sale price$34.99


You'll get a starter pack of Droseras [bare-root]. This plants are great for gifts, terrariums, and to add to your current collection. Best deal when you buy this bundle! In your order you'll get:
1 Drosera tokaiensis
1 Drosera natalensis
1 Drosera spatulata Beenak Victoria

Order will be shipped bare-root. You'll get similar plants as the ones in the pictures above. Plants are between 0.75 to 1.5 inches in diameter.


It is strongly recommended to get a heating pack during the winter to protect your plant from low temperatures, we are not responsible for dead plants that did not have a heating pack during transit. [1 heating pack per order is more than enough to protect your plants]

Option A = Bare root plant
Option B = Bare root plant + Soil
Option C = Bare root plant + Heating pack (Heating pack strongly suggested for winter)
Option D = Bare root plant + Soil + Heating pack (Heating pack strongly suggested for winter)

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