Pinguicula "Ysi"

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Pinguicula "Ysi" is an in-house hybrid of P. gigantea and P. cyclosecta. This hybrid was created by Ed under Rainbow and we selected this particular clone from the seed batch because of its outstanding purple veining and dark coloration. P. "Ysi" turns dark/purple under intense lights and has reached up to 2.5-3" in diameter, when is not under strong lights it can reach up to 4-5". However, this pinguicula beauty come out under strong lights, so we recommend using full spectrum lights for the best coloration possible, we have also noticed that the purple veining and color is n more intense during winter. The name "Ysi" was chosen to honor my mother Ysidra for all the love, care, and wisdom she has given our family.

The butterworts on the pictures are representative, you will get a similar plant (Third picture is the mother plant). [Plants are not flowering at the moment]

The plants are shipped bare root and in a plastic container to protect them. We ship the plants on Monday and Wednesday to avoid the weekend cut off.

These plants are between 0.5- 2" in diameter, depending on selected size.

Small plants are about 0.5" in diameter.

Medium plants are about 1" in diameter.

Large plants are about 1.5" in diameter.


It is strongly recommended to get a heating pack during the winter to protect your plant from low temperatures, we are not responsible for dead plants that did not have a heating pack during transit. 1 heating pack per order is enough.

Plant size About 0.5-1" in diameter
Light A sunny windowsill, T5, or LED lights
Potting medium Mexican Pinguicula mix
Feeding Fish food or bugs every 3-4 weeks
Water Keep soil moist
Humidity 50-80%
Temperature 55-85°F
Mature plant size 3-5" (Depending on care)
Dormancy None, nevertheless, plant may go into a succulent state during Winter (depending on temperatures).

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